1960 Democratic Convention

Los Angeles, California

July 11 to 15, 1960

Nominated: John F Kennedy of Massachusetts for President

Nominated: Lyndon B Johnson of Texas for Vice President

Senator Kennedy had worked tirelessly for the nomination from the time of the 56 election. Kennedy had won the majority of the primaries. Just before the convention Senator Johnson the Majority Leader of the Senate announced his intention to seek the nomination. Kennedy entered the convention with the majority of the delegates pledged to vote for him. Kennedy's supporters worked tirelessly to ensure that the delegates stayed committed. Their hard work paid off and Kennedy won on the first ballot. Kennedy made a surprise selection of Johnson as his Vice Presidential running mate. 1960 represented the end of an era, while Kennedy did win on the first ballot, when the convention opened that was not an assured thing. 1960 represented the last time that there was true drama in a Democratic convention. Since 1960 the outcomes of the convnetions have been known in advance.