1956 Democratic Convention

Chicago, Illinois

August 13 to 17, 1956

Nominated: Adlai E Stevenson of Illinois for President

Nominated: Estes Kefauver of Tennessee for Vice President

With President's Eisenhower,' s popularity high there were few who wished to run as the Democratic nominee. Stevenson however, wanted another chance to run against the President. When Eisenhower suffered a heart attack and his health was in some doubt- Averall Hariman decided to challenge Stevenson. Despite support from Truman Harriman was unable to mount a credible challenge and Stevenson was elected on the first ballot. The real drama at the convention was the selection of a Vice Presidential nominee. Going into the convention there was talk of selecting Senator Kennedy as Stevenson's running mate. Instead Stevenson decided to open the selection to the convention in an open vote. Kennedy came close but fell short in the first ballot in securing the nomination. Kefauver then came from behind won the prize.