1860 Democratic Convention

Charleston, South Carolina April 23 to May 3, 1860

Baltimore Maryland June 18 to 23, 1860

Nominated: Stephen Douglas of Illinios for President

Nominated: Benjamin Fitzpatrick of Alabama for Vice President

The Democratic party that met in Charleston in 1860 was deeply divided. Stephen Douglas was the clear favorite of Northen Democrats, while Southerners demanded that the Democratic party come out with a platform in clear defense of slavery. Douglas and his supporters could not agree. Many Southern delegates then walked out. The convention then went through 54 ballots but Douglas failed to acheive the needed 2/3 of the votes. The convention adjourned and planned to reconvene in June in Baltimore. When the party reconvened the fight continued, this time over recognition of the delegations. With some of the delegations walking out once again, Douglas could not acheive the required 2/3 of the votes. Finally, the convention voted to to state that now that Douglas had received 2/3 of the votes present he was the nominee.