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5 Facts About Cleopatra You Might Not Know

The Egyptian civilization developed along the Nile River. The cities of Egypt were unified in what became known as the Old Kingdom when the Upper and Lower Kingdoms were unified around the year 3,000 BC. At that time a new capital, Memphis was founded. The King became know as Pharoh and was considered to be a god.

The history of Egypt is divided between the Old, Middle and New Kingdoms. The Old Kingdom lasted until 2200 BC and it was during it that the great pyrmids were built. The Old Kingdom collapsed around 2200 and after years of chaos a new kingdom was eastablished called the Middle Kingdom. It was considered the golden age of Egypt. The Middle Kingdom fell to an invasion of the Hyksos. The Hyksos introduced bronze to Egypt as well the use of the horse drawn chariot and the compound bow. The Eighteenth dynasty threw off the Hyksos domination and established the New Kingdom. During the period of the New Kingdom Egypt became the most powerful empire in the Middle East. The Empire occupied Palestine and Syria as well as Libya. During the New Kingdom the Temple Centers at Karnak and Luxor were built. The New Kingdom ended with the twentieth dynasty in 1085.