US Intervention in Russia

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US Intervention in Russia
The United States took a limited role in the international force that intervened in the Russian Civial War. The stated purpose of the intervention was to insure that Russian arms did not fall into German hands and to provide the means for trapped Allied troops to escape.
On November 8, one day after seizing power in Russia, the Congress of Soviets issued a decree on peace. It pleaded for a just and democratic peace which excluded the seizure of territories and the payment of indemnities. The appeal was made without consulting the Allies, who felt betrayed for having been left out.

On December 15, the Russians came to a peace agreement with the Central Powers. The Allies then intervened in Russia, ostensibly to stop armaments from falling into the hands of the Germans, and to rescue trapped Allied troops. In fact, some of the Allies intervened directly in the Civil War then raging in the Soviet Union, on the side of the White Russians.

The United States sent 5,000 troops to Archangel in North Russia, and another 10,000 troops to Siberia.