US Intervenes in Dominican Republic

After continued armed revolts in the Dominican Republic, US officials declared martial law. By November, US Marines had taken over all of the Dominican Republic.

The United States had taken control of the Dominican customers in 1905. That agreement had been formalized in 1907. In 1912 after the assassination of the Dominican President Ramon Caceres the US had sent 750 Marines to the country. In September of 1913, a revolution broke out. Despite American support for the government in power, the revolutionaries triumphed. In the summer of 1914, Wilson arranged a ceasefire and sent a commission to the Dominican Republic to investigate. The United States suggested reforms and organized for elections to be held. One of the rebels won the election. The country continued to be racked with political instability. The US demanded additional control over the finances of the country. The Dominican Congress refused. The US decided to seize control. The US began to take over the country. On May 5th, 1916 the first Marines landed at Santo Domingo. By May 15th the US had taken control over Santa Domingo. There was opposition to the US take over by local rebels. On one 27th at Las Trencheras the rebels tried to hold back the US forces, but the overwhelming superiority of the US firepower was too much for them, and they fled. By November 29th the US had gained full control of the country. A military government was imposed under the command of the Captain Harry Shepard Knapp. The US occupation of the country continued until 1921.