US Intervenes in Dominican Republic

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US Intervenes in Dominican Republic
After continued armed revolts in the Dominican Republic, US officials declared martial law. By November, US Marines had taken over all of the Dominican Republic.
Since 1907, the United States had collected the custom bills of the Dominican Republic. In September of 1913, a revolution broke out. Despite American support for the government in power, the revolutionaries triumphed. In the summer of 1914, Wilson arranged a ceasefire and sent a commission to the Dominican Republic to investigate. The United States suggested reforms, and arranged for elections to be held. One of the rebels won the election, but a revolution erupted again in May of 1916. Wilson warned that the United States would not stand for armed anarchy, and demanded that the United States be given control of the Dominican finances and armed forces. The Dominicans refused, and by November, the United States had occupied the whole country.