July 29, 1967

Fire Breaks Out on U.S.S. Forrestall


Forrestal on Fire
Flight Deck of Forrestal

A fire breaks out on the aircraft carrier Forrestal, off the coast of North Vietnam, killing 134 crewmen and injuring 162.


In the worse naval aviation accident since World War II a rocket aboard an aircraft waiting to take of on the USS Forestall , accidentally fired from F-4 Phantom. It hit a Skyhawk waiting to a launched. It shattered an external fuel tank and began an aviation fuel fire. Two bombs soon exploded creating an infernal on deck and right below the deck. It took a little over two hours to bring the fires under control, during which nine bombs went off tearing large holds in the flight deck and destroying living quarters below. By the time the last fires were out 134 men lay dead and 162 were injured. The ship was out of commission for most of a year.