May 1, 1970

Invasion of Cambodia
Demonstration in Washington Against Invastion of Camboodia

After the overthrow of Prince Nordhom Sihanouk open warfare developed between the Cambodian army and the communist. The US and the South Vietnamese began to come to the aid of the Cambodian army who were often outnumbered or outgunned. The US and the South Vietnamese decided that this would be a good opportunity to attack the sanctuaries that the communists had established inside Cambodia. The South Vietnamese entered the areas of Parrot’s Peak while the US attacked the area known as Fishhook on May 1 1970. The invasion which was announced by President Nixon with a national address caused massive demonstrations in the United States. Those demonstrations led to the killing of students at Kent State. US forces withdrew from Cambodia by June 29, 1970 . 384 American soldiers were killed, 1,689 were wounded and 12 were listed as missing, The US claimed that 11,369 communist troops were killed, 2,328 captured and vast amounts of guns and ammunition were destroyed.