30 Most Popular World History Essay Topics in 2020-2021


Essay topics may surprise everyone. Some are assigned by professors, while some are figments of the students’ imagination. However, when it comes to World History, one doesn’t have a very broad pool for choosing something non-trite. That’s where students feel bored and aren’t interested in writing.

Students who don’t like writing about World History tend to buy essays online written from scratch to minimize the burden of studying. Yet, if you still believe in mastering the essay DIY, this article covers the 30 most popular World History essay topics of 2020-2021 as well as tips on how to choose one for your preferences.

How to Choose the Essay Topic in World History

Even though this article may hint you at the topic, you should start by researching which one goes over well with your mood.

  1. Brainstorm the World History areas or fields that you find the most interesting ones. It means a topic that will get you hooked on the research. You won’t be bored but eager to learn something new and deliver it to the audience or your professor. Note, if you choose a topic that seems a burden to yourself, success is unlikely to happen, especially with your potential grade;
  2. Research the chosen topic. Learn how much evidence and facts you may find to make your essay interesting. Ask a professor for advice since they may tell you about the fields not covered by other students previously;
  3. Prepare sources. Once done with the choice, ensure to collect as many reliable sources as possible to show your dedication to writing.


By following these three steps, you are half of the way until submitting an interesting World History essay.

Note, some students may also play smart and find an essay sample online. They rewrite it and submit it as the original one. Such intentions are better to avoid since 1) you don’t practice and work out your brain but get a ready paper; 2) a professor may still find it plagiarized with designated tools. Moreover, feel free to check the standard evaluation of World History essays.

Now, the topics. Off we go!

Top 30 World History Topics for Essays


  1. Comparison of slavery in ancient times with modern times in African regions;
  2. Plaques that managed to destroy populations in Europe and Asia;
  3. Egyptians have hidden goals while building pyramids;
  4. Chinese Great Wall - convict-built protection;
  5. Indigenous tribes of America;
  6. How did World War 2 change the world?
  7. What could have been done to prevent World War 2?
  8. Japanese Yakuza - ancient and modern traditions;
  9. The best inventions of history that don’t have alternatives;
  10. Cuban history - Revolutions and Freedom;
  11. Cold War - positive and negative outcomes;
  12. The bloody history of the British Empire;
  13. Roman military forces - What made them be one of the greatest warriors?
  14. Islam beliefs in the modern world;
  15. Post-war in Vietnam outcomes for the population;
  16. Fashion history:  Women clothes in the 18th century;
  17. Roman vs British Empires comparison;
  18. Pol Pot’s cruelty in Cambodia;
  19. The Nazi mission to change the world;
  20. Top 3 historical figures that changed the world;
  21. Bizzare medicine in ancient times;
  22. Hippie culture - Do we need one now?
  23. Iran and Iraq war - What are the positive outcomes if there are any?
  24. Gender roles in American government in the 19th century;
  25. Pirates in Somali - Why and at What Cost?
  26. Colonization of Africa - Why African people struggle with basics until now?
  27. Soviet countries technology in 2021;
  28. Russia - Why is everyone scared of the country?
  29. Conquering space - American and Russian outcomes;
  30. Covid-19 - Is there any hope for a total cure?

These are examples. Based on any above-mentioned topic, you may find alternative topics. For instance, “Bizzare medicine in ancient times” - you may take Asian medicine or European medicine to write about. Otherwise, you may generally speak of the diseases of ancient times, and how people managed to survive them with holistic treatments.

How to Make World History Writing Interesting?

To help you discover as many inspirational moods as possible, think about turning to the following platforms:


This online platform helps to find many videos dedicated to various topics including World History. Upon watching the video, you may write down key points and then use them in your essay as “quote of a scientist, researcher”, etc.

World History Encyclopedia

This is a non-profit organization that helps people find publications on one or another World History event. You may refer to it as a trustworthy source.


This platform is like Wikipedia for history information. You may use it when other sources don’t have much information for brainstorming.

Another method to make your essay flawless if you have enough time is to use social media. Don’t be surprised. For instance, you write about Hippie Culture in America, and you want more facts or interesting stories. Find the designated groups online where people share their love for this culture. These groups might be followed by senior representatives of the hippie movement, and you may directly ask them for some interesting stories. Such an approach to writing will be much appreciated by your professor. Beyond that, it is a non-trite way of writing that other students might not even think of.

Note, every fact that you add to your history essay should have a solid backup. If you cannot double-check the veracity of the fact, don’t add it. It concerns the dates, names, and outcomes. If you are not sure about one even specific date, round it or use the century just. However, it is always better to fill your paper with traceable facts that your professor may check anytime.

Finally, prior to submitting your essay in World History, ensure to check it with plagiarism tools. Even though you could write it on your own, some statements may look like the borrowed ones. Especially, it concerns the quotes. If so, you cannot prove after the professor that it is your creation written from scratch.

Feel free to choose any topic and master it until it is tasty to read. World History is not always a happy or interesting matter, however, you may change your audience’s opinion once and forever.