Basic Information


Postal Abbreviation: MS
Natives: Mississippian

Population. 2020: 2,961,279
Legal Driving Age: 15
Age of Majority: 18
Median Age: 36

State Song: “Go, Mississippi”
Lyrics: & Music: Houston Davis


Median Household Income:$42,009

Capital..... Jackson
Entered Union..... Dec. 10, 1817 (20th)

Present Constitution Adopted: 1890

Nickname: Magnolia State
Bayou State

“Virtute et armis” (By valor and Arms)

Origin of Name:
From the Chipewa Indian word. Means “Father of/ or Large Waters”. Refers to the Mississippi River.






USS Mississippi

Railroad Stations


Mississippi Economy



AGRICULTURE: cattle, chickens, cotton,
eggs, milk, rice, soybeans, vegetables,

MINING: clays, natural gas, petroleum,
sand and gravel.

MANUFACTURING: chemicals, clothing,
electrical equipment, food processing,
furniture, lumber products, machinery,
paper products, petroleum products,
transportation equipment.







Mississippi Geography

Total Area: 48,286 sq. miles
Land area: 46,914 sq. miles
Water Area: 1,372 sq. miles

Geographic Center: Leake
9 mi. WNW of Carthage

Highest Point: Woodall Mountain
(806 ft.)
Lowest Point: Gulf of Mexico
(sea level)

Highest Recorded Temp.: 115˚ F (7/29/1930)
Lowest Recorded Temp.: –19˚ F (1/30/1966)


Mississippi is very low and prone to flooding, especially in the region of the Mississippi delta in the south. The Mississippi River forms the entire western border of the state. The state has 44 miles of coastline on the Gulf of Mexico.






New Orleans, 391,006
Baton Rouge, 221,599
Shreveport, 199,311
Metairie, 138,481
Lafayette, 120,632
Lake Charles, 71,993
Kenner, 66,702
Bossier City, 61,315
Monroe, 48,815
Alexandria, 47,723.

Mississippi History

1699 The first French colony was established in Old Biloxi.
1798 Mississippi becomes an American territory.
1817 Mississippi becomes the 20th state of Union.
1861 Mississippi secedes from the Union.
1863 Vicksburg surrendered to Union forces after a 43 day siege.
1870 Hiram Revel becomes the first African American Senator.
1962 With support of federal troops james Merideth enters the University of

1963 Medgar Evers a leader of the NAACP is murdered at his home in Jackson

1964 Three young civil rights workers are killed in Neshola County.


Famous People

Louis Armstrong
Michael De Bakey
Huey P. Long
Anne Rice
Edward Douglas



Mississippi National Sites

1) Brices Corss Roads National Battlefield Site
On June 10, 1864 a brief but brutal battlefield took place at Brices Cross Roads where confederate troops defeated the Union troops. This small park commemorates this battle

2) Tupelo National Battlefield
A June 13 and 14 1864 a small battle was fought near Tubpelo Mississippi. That battle is commemorated here.

3) Vicksburg National Military Park
Vicksburg fell to Union forces after a nearly two month seize on July 4th 1863. This military park includes a museum as well as a restored gunboat. Confederated earthworks and Union siege works have been preserved to this day.