Basic Information


Postal Abbreviation: ME
Natives: Mainer

Population 2020: 1,362,359
Legal Driving Age: 17
(*16 w/ Driver's Ed.)
Age of Majority: 18
Median Age: 42.7

State Song: “State of Maine Song”
Lyrics & Music: Roger V.Snow


Median Household Income:$53,024

Capital..... Augusta
Entered Union..... Mar. 14, 1820 (23rd)

Present Constitution Adopted: 1819

Nickname: Pine Tree State
Old Dirigo State

“Dirigo” (I Direct)

Origin of Name:
May be named for the French providence Mayne– Owned by Queen Henrietta Maria (wife of Charles I of England) or to distinguish the maineland from the offshore islands.





USS Maine

Railroad Stations


Maine Economy


AGRICULTURE: Apples, cattle,
blueberries, eggs, milk, potatoes,

MINING: Gemstones, sand and gravel,

MANUFACTURING: electronics, food
processing, leather products, ships,
wood products.






Maine Geography

Total Area: 33,741 sq. miles
Land area: 30,865 sq. miles
Water Area: 2,876 sq. miles
Geographic Center: Piscataquis
N of Dover
Highest Point: Mount Katahdin
(5,267 ft.)
Lowest Point: Atlantic Ocean
(sea level)
Highest Recorded Temp.: 105˚ F (7/10/1911)
Lowest Recorded Temp.: –48˚ F (1/19/1925)

Maine is a hilly state. Its coast line is highly irregular, so that the total length of the coastline comes to nearly 2,000 feet. Much of the state is covered by forests. It has many lakes and small rivers. The White Mountains are the major range in the state.






Portland, 66,194
Lewiston, 36,592
Bangor, 33,039
South Portland, 25,002
Auburn, 23,055
Biddeford, 21,277
Sanford, 20,792
Brunswick, 20,278
Augusta, 19,136
Scarborough, 18,919

Maine History

1497-1499 John Cabot explored the coast of Maine claiming it for England.
1524 Giovanni da Verrrazano explored the coast for France.
1628 Pilgrims from the Plymouth colony moved into Maine.
1652 The Massachusetts Bay Colony annexed Maine.
1675 A warfare began with the French and Indians that lasted for 100 years.
1819 Maine voted to separate from Massachusetts.
1820 Maine was admitted to the union as the 23rd state.


Famous People

Henry Longfellow
Edmunnd Muskie
Nelson Rockefeller
William Cohen



Maine National Sites

1) Acadia National Park
Located on Mount Desert Island. The park was created by private donations. The park covers 35,000 acres.

2) Saint Croix Island International Historic Site
this site is located at the site of the first attempted French settlement of Maine.