FDR's Inaugural Address

FDR Speaking at his Inaugural
FDR Speaking at his Inaugural

Between election day and inauguration day there lay a four month period in which President-elect Roosevelt could affect no legislation even though President Hoover was loosing his ability to govern.  Roosevelt accumulated a group of advisors, many of whom were academics.  These men became his brain trust.  During this period the economy weakened and people became increasingly frantic.   In mid-February there was an assassination attempt against Roosevelt by Joseph Zangara. 

He missed and fatally wounded Chicago Mayor Cernack.  The Interregnum finally ended and Roosevelt took the helm of office.

By the time Roosevelt was inaugurated on March 4,1933  the nation was gripped by fear.  In his inaugural address Roosevelt uttered his famous lines: "the only thing to fear is fear itself," for the nation was indeed worried.  Banks throughout the nation were failing and being forced to close.  Farms were being foreclosed, and many Americans were hungry.  Many people feared for the very future of the country. 

First Inaugural Address