Young Indiana Jones Vol II


Reviewed by Marc Schulman

               Volume two of the Young Indiana Jones begins with the Young Indy volunteering for the Belgium army in the early part of World War I.  The first DVD is one of the best depictions that I have seen of the futile trench fighting that so characterized the fighting on the Western Front during that war.  Of course being Indiana Jones he did not remain in the trenches for long.  He soon found himself working for Belgium and then French intelligence.  His roll in the intelligence gave him the ability to travel widely.  He was sent on missions to Germany, Africa, and Russia and finally the second series concludes as the British conquer Beersheba in Palestine.


I watched the series as well as the first one  with my eight-year-old son.  I enjoyed the series greatly on two levels.  First being an historian watching my eight year old, both enjoy the series and ask many of the right questions was great.  The series did an excellent job to bring the period to life, with the prerequisite action, and suspense.  My enjoyment was not limited to watching my son enjoy it; I had a great time watching it. Also as a teacher this series is an excellent way to teach about World War I, while it would be hard to justify, as many classroom hours that it would take to show the whole series using excerpts in the classroom would add to any instruction of the period.


I recommend this series wholeheartedly

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