Young Indiana Jones


Reviewed by Dan Perry

                  The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones is a story of
excitement, history, education, and humor. Those who are interested in
finding out how Indiana Jones becomes the gun fighting archaeological
adventurer of the movies would do well to give the series a try. More
importantly, the series focuses on the education of young Indiana and
in the process teaches us a few things about history.

  The series revolves around Indiana as a young man and follows his
travels and adventures with the rest of his family. Each adventure
begins with a map so the viewer knows the geography of where Indy is
going and in the process gives us a rather indirect geography lesson.
Also the series has a humorous way of explaining facts that have to do
with the history of wherever the Jones family is. For example, in the
first episode Indiana explains the gruesome details of mummification
at the dinner table as everyone excuses themselves, one by one,
because of being taken by a sudden upset stomach. However, there are
still ghosts and mummies so one needs to be able to separate fact from

   With each episode there is entertainment and education. Those who
are interested in learning some general things about history and those
who are fans of the old movies would do well to check this series out.
If neither of those interest you then perhaps it's better to move on.


The Day of the Battle begins with a depiction of the Trident Conference where Akins brings to life the personalities of both Roosevelt and Churchill as well as some of the lesser participants as well.  Before long we are on the beaches of Sicily with the soldiers as the storm ashore.  The book covers both the short battle to capture Sicily as well as the longer and more difficult battle to capture Italy.  I recommend this book to all who want to learn more about World War II and the US army.

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