Four Inventions that are Shaping the Early 21st Century


By Jason Franklin

Due to the unbridled expansion and evolution of technological advancements, the world of the 21st century is changing faster and more dramatically than in any other period of human history. Innovations constantly happen and affect our lives on an intimate level.
While the 20th century was characterized by culture altering inventions such as the telephone and the computer, these products' effects have laid the foundation for the boom in technological innovation that we are experiencing today.
Not only is the number of new technologies increasing rapidly and exponentially, but their impacts are felt more strongly and by a much greater range of people than ever before. Most new inventions even play a part in the everyday lives of the average person. 
Let's take a look at some of these important and far-reaching innovations. Here are four inventions that have changed our society and are still working to alter and improve our lives.

1. Cloud Computing

Even if you don't understand what cloud computing is, you've no doubt heard the term before. Chances are you're probably using it every day!
What exactly is cloud computing? 
Cloud computing is essentially when data is processed and stored on a remote server via the Internet, rather than on a local server associated with the device being used. 
What does this mean in terms of our everyday use? Well, for one thing, cloud computing is integral for data storage. We only have a limited amount of memory on our devices, so when they fill up, it's pretty handy to be able to store all of our old photos in the Cloud. 
The History of Cloud Computing is a very brief and recent one, but this invention has already greatly impacted the way we use our devices and our data.

2. Mobile Operating Systems

Mobile operating systems have completely revolutionized the way that we use our cell phones. Mobile phones used to only be used for calling and texting. Now, they can do almost anything. 
Thanks to mobile operating systems, our cell phones are now like tiny computers in the palms of our hands!
This invention has probably had a greater effect on our everyday lives than anything else in this century. Who doesn't rely on the use of mobile apps for at least a few vital tasks on a daily basis?


3. eReaders 

This invention has changed the way we engage with literature. Not only can we now read books on a light, graceful device, but we can also store them in vast quantities without worrying about shelf room. 
EBooks use no paper, so they are a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to hard copy literature. And due to the ease and lack of materials involved in creating them, they're also much cheaper than traditional books.
Plus, with the ability to download a book to an eReader in a matter of seconds, this device can give users instant gratification for their literature needs. 

4. The Capsule Endoscopy

In a discussion of 21st-century inventions, we can't let medical technology advances fall by the wayside. The capsule endoscopy is a device that saves lives and allows for easier, more accurate medical diagnoses.
This device is essentially a wireless camera in the size and shape of a pill capsule. It allows doctors to easily examine the inside of the human body in search of internal ailments. It is a much more thorough and less invasive way to perform these examinations than the past methods.


These truly impressive technological progress feats have helped establish the early 21st century as an era of unforeseen change and advancement. Who knows what the rest of this exciting century might bring!