Foyle's War


reviewed by Marc Schulman

It has long been my contention that for all the great film and TV shows there is one key aspect of the World War II that has been neglected and that is the home front.  What was it like to be in the United States or England during the war?  While it was the soldiers that won the war and gave of their lives, none of it would have been possible without the support of the home screen.

Now for the first time on video US consumers will be are able to obtain a wonderful series Foyle’s War whose setting in War time England.  The series itself is set in Sussex England.  There Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle is responsible for catching thieves who are making using the war as a cover to commit crimes.  The series is a rather formulistic crime series, which provides fine entertainment, but is rather unremarkable.  It is however the period setting and effort that went into making the series historically accurate that set it apart.  Foils War does an excellent job of bringing World War II England to life on your screen.  The fact that it does that while entertaining you with a crime series is just an additional bonus.

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