Henry Wallace

1888- 1965



Politician and Vice President during Franklin Roosevelt's third term, Henry Wallace was ahead of his time in his support of labor reform, civil rights and welfare legislation. Prior to being selected to run with Roosevelt, Wallace had served as Secretary of Agriculture. Wallace had been born on October 7,1888 in Orient Iowa.

He was instrumental in reorganizing that department, as well as in shaping federal farm policy. After being replaced by Harry S. Truman for the 1944 ticket, Wallace went on to serve as Commerce Secretary under Roosevelt and Truman, but found himself at odds with Truman over the President's staunch anticommunist foreign policy stance, since Wallace favored cooperation with the Soviet government.

Wallace resigned in 1946, but continued his criticism of US policies. In 1948, Wallace was persuaded to run for President as a third-party candidate, but his Progressive Citizens of America Party included many Communists. Wallace's failure to disown those persons cost him support, and he carried no states in the election.

His political influence waned after the election, though he continued to generate controversy.