Howard Hughes

1905- 1976




Heir to a family fortune made in drill bits and other tools, Howard Hughes is said to be born in Harris County Texas on December 24, 1905. He build Houstons first radio tranmitter are the age of 11, and became a ham operator. He started taking flying lesson at the age of 14.He inheritied his parents substaintial money when they both died before he was 19. Heparlayed this fortune into successful aviation and film projects. As head of Hughes Aircraft Company, he set a speed record in 1935 and completed an around-the-world flight in 1938, also in record time.

He invested in a variety of interests, including Trans World and Northwest Airlines and Las Vegas land deals. In later life, Hughes became something of an eccentric recluse, refusing to appear in public after 1950.

Account Breaking the Speed Record