Omar Bradley


American General


Omar Bradley was born in Clark Missouri on February 12, 1893. He went to Moberly High School. He took the exams to attend West Point and was accepted. He was a star athlete at West Point. He graduated West Point in 1915.

His unit never made it to Europe during World War I. Between the wars he taught Mathematics at West Point. In 1924 he was appointed Major and went to Advance Infantry School. He taught at West Point, went to War College and worked directly for General Marshall. With the US entry in World War II, he was appointed brigadier general and took command of US Infantry School at Fort Benning. He then took command of the 82nd Infantry Division.

During World War II Bradley was General Patton's deputy in North Africa until taking over a commander of II Corps. Bradley was the commander of the US Ground forces at Normandy, commanding the US First Army which he commanded through the defeat of Germany.