Max Born



Max Born was born on December 11 1882 in Breslau Germany. is known for his work on quantum theory, for which he won the Nobel Prize for physics in 1954. Born was a professor of physics at Gottingen University from 1909 until 1933. After the rise of Nazism in Germany, Born who was Jewish moved to Great Britain, where he was professor of natural philosophy at the University of Edinburgh. After his retirement in 1953, he returned to Germany.


His real breakthrough came from performing on the radio which he did from 1932 to 1955 starring in the Jack Benny Program a weekly show. He did the same show for TV from 1950 to 1965.


He was known as one of America's most beloved comedians, Jack Benny was famous for his comedic alter-ego: the stingy guy who shot reproachful looks at his sidekicks while playing the violin and offering perfectly timed pauses and comments