Isaac Asimov

1920- 1998


Ralph Abernathy


Isaac Asimov was born in Russiaon January 2, 1920. He moved to the United States when he was three years old. He went to public school and Brooklyn Boys High School. Asimov received a BA from Columbia College. He tried to get into medical school but failed. He received a Ma and Ph.D. in Chemistry. Asimov served during World War II as a civilian employee at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. After receiving his Ph.D. he was offered a position on the faculty of Boston University Medical school. He quickly found himself earning more from his writings but maintained his connection to the Medical School. Asimov began writing short stories at the age of 20.


Isaac Asimov used his command of science in his over 300 works. Much of his writings served to popularize the genre of science fiction. Asimov won an unprecedented four Hugo awards for outstanding contributions to the body of science fiction literature.