Spiro Agnew

1918- 1996




Ralph Abernathy




Spiro T. Agnew, was born to Greek immigrant parents in Baltimore, Maryland on November 9, 1918. He attended John Hopkins University and then . After serving in World War II, he graduated from the University of Baltimore in 1947 with a degree in law. In 1962 he was elected Baltimore County Executive. In 1966, he was elected governor of Maryland as a liberal, introducing anti-discrimination legislation in the first year of his term. By 1968, however, he had become more conservative regarding issues such as civil disorder and race riots.
Agnew was selected to be Richard M. Nixon's running mate in the 1968 Presidential election, and was viewed as a compromise figure for most Republicans. Agnew assumed office as Vice-President in 1969, but in 1973, Agnew became the subject of investigation for bribery, extortion, tax fraud, and conspiracy, on charges of having taken kickbacks from government contractors in Maryland while governor. Although he went on television on August 8, 1973, and denounced the charges as "damned lies," he resigned on October 10, 1973, agreeing not to contest the government charge of tax evasion.