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Hank Aaron was born on February 5, 1934, in Mobile Alabama.He grew up in a poor family. He joined the Pritchett Athletics and then the Mobile Black Bears. He then played for the Indianapolis Clowns of the American Negro League. The Boston Braves then purchased him for $10,0000. After playing in the minor leagues Aaron made his major league debut on April 13, 1954, for the Milwaukee Braves.

Aaron remained a professional baseball player for over two decades, is best remembered for breaking a record once thought unbreakable: 714 lifetime total of home runs set by legendary Babe Ruth.He did that on April 8, 1974. Aaron ended his career with 755 home runs, 3771 hits, a 305 batting average and a guaranteed place in baseball's Hall of Fame in which he was inducted on August 1, 1982.