Tomoyuki Yamashita

1885- 1946

Japanese General



Tomoyuki Yamashita was born in a small town son of a doctor. He went to a military prepartory high school. he graduated 18th in a class of 920 cadets in the Imperial Japanese Academy.

Tomoyuki Yamashita was a Japanese career Army officer who served in the Russo- Japanese War, and in World War I. He served as a military attache in Bern Switzerland and Berlin Germany


He led the Japanese in northern China in 1939 and in 1941 he headed the Malayan campaign that resulted in the quick capture of Singapore. Yamashita commanded Japanese forces in the Philippines and led attacks on Bataan and Corregidor.

US forces defeated him when they returned to the Philippines in 1945. He was captured, tried as a war criminal and hung.


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