Charles Yeager


Record- Breaking Aviator



Yeager was born on February 13, 1923. During World War II he was fighter pilot flyig P-51's. His plae was shot down over France, but he mangaged to escape via Spain and returned to England On October 12, 1944 he became first pilot to become an ace in one day downing five German aircraft in one day. He ended the war with 11.5 kills. After the war he became a test pilot. Chuck Yeager flew into the history books in 1947 when the then-captain and former World War II fighter pilot became the first person to break the sound barrier, with a speed of 700 miles per hour.

In 1953, Yeager set another record, flying at a speed of 1,650 miles per hour. Yeager became an squadron commander and commanded a number of fighter squadrons. he became the first commander of the USAF Aerospace Research Pilot School. Yeagar continued to fly as a squadron commander of air force planes that fought in Vietnam. Yeagar retired from the airforce in 1975 after serving for 33 years in the service.