Frank Llyod Wright

1869- 1959

American Architect



Frank Lloyd Wright was born in the town of Richland Center Wisconsin on June 8, 1867. He went to Madison High School and was a special student at Univeristy of Wisconsin- Madison but never graduated.

Frank Lloyd Wright's impact on American architecture and design is considered almost incalculable. In his public buildings, private homes, glass design work and furniture, Wright was an American original. He was endlessly fascinated by the challenge of bringing function, form and location together in architectural harmony. Wright was wonderfully innovative with new materials, finding unusual ways to employ them.

He was originally trained as a civil engineer and worked as a draftsman prior to striking out on his own in 1893. He became known for his "Prairie-style" houses and his clean, streamlined forms.

His Fallingwater house in Pennsylvania still awes and impresses visitors, as do many of his surviving buildings, including the Guggenheim Museum in New York City and the Robie house in Chicago.