Moise Tshombe

1919- 1969

Congolese Politician



Moise Tshombe was born near Msumba, Belgium Congo on November 10th, 1919.

Moise Tshombe was educated in an American Missionary School and eventually became a businessman. In 1959, he founded CONKAT, a Belgian-supported political party that advocated independence for the Belgian Congo along with a loose confederation with Belgium. After Congo achieved independence in 1960, Tshombe, who was the province president of the mineral-rich Kantanga Republic, led the province in seccession, creating the "Congo Crisis."

In 1963, after two years of war, the forces of Tshombe were defeated by the central government. Tshombe fled the country in 1963, returning in 1964 to join a coalition government. In 1966, he was accused of treason and fled once more. He died three years later.