Norman Schwarzkopf


American General



General Norman Schwarzkopf, was head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and celebrated leader of the Gulf War in 1991, was the son of the man who led the investigation into the Lindbergh baby kidnapping in 1932. Schwarzkopf was born on August 22, 1934 in Trenton N.J. Schwarzkopf spent a portion of his childhood in Iran, where his father had been sent to advise the Shah. He graduated from West Point in 1956 and served two tours of duty in Vietnam, where he was twice wounded.

In 1983, he commanded the US invasion of Grenada and five years later General Schwarzkopf became commander of the US Central Command, responsible for US forces in the Middle East and Africa.

When the Iraqis invaded Kuwait, Schwarzkopf became the commander of US forces in Saudi Arabia. He developed the strategy that led to the liberation of Kuwait and victory over the Iraqi army. Schwarzkopf displayed extraordinary skills in coalition planning, as he worked together with representatives of the many armies fighting Iraq.

Following his retirement from the military, Schwarzkopf went on to a successful career as a military analyst for the media, as well as an author and speaker.


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