Jonas Savimbi


Political Leader



Jonas Savimbi was born on August 3, 1934 in Munhango, Bié Province Portugues Angola . He was educated in Protestant and Catholic. He went to college in Portugal.

Angolan political leader Jonas Savimbi came to prominence during the struggle for Angolan independence from Portugal that began in the 1960's and led to long-term civil war from the mid-1970's and into the 1980's. Savimbi and his National Union for Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) had the support of countries such as the US and South Africa in the group's efforts to unseat the government led by the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola.

Successful negotiations to bring the hostilities to a close began as the 1990's dawned, and appeared to be a success. But Savimbi's refusal to accept the results of the 1992 elections led to his return to armed conflict.

In 1994, a renewed peace plan was hammered out, but as the decade ended, the fragile peace had dissolved into renewed hostilities. In 2002 he was killed in a fight with the Angolan military.


Jonas Savimbi: A Key to Africa