David Sarnoff

1891- 1971

American Businessman


Levaing the White House

David Sarnoff was born on February 27,1891 in Belarusian, Russia. His Father moved to the United States first and then sent money so in 1900 his wife Leah and his four sons and a daughter included David could join him in the US. At the age of 15 his Father became ill and David had to earn money for the family . His first job was with Marconi Wireless. He became one of their top technical employees installing their wireless radio on ships. General Electric purchased Marconi and turned it onto Radio Corporation of America

One of the undisputed pioneer giants of the broadcast industry, Sarnoff leapt to fame as the telegraph operator who broadcast the first news of the sinking of the Titanic in 1912. Later, as general manager of the Radio Corporation of America, Sarnoff organized the National Broadcasting Company (NBC), the first commercial radio network in the country. By 1947 he was RCA's Chairman of the Board. Sarnoff also played a major role in the development of television, launching a commercial channel in 1940. As a brigadier general in World War II, Sarnoff was a consultant in communications for General Eisenhower. He remained Chief Executive Officer of RCA until his retirement in 1966, and was Board Chairman until his death.


The General: David Sarnoff and the Rise of the Communications Industry