Muammar Qaddafi


Libyan Politician




Libyan strongman Muammar Qaddafi was expelled from high school for nationalistic political activities. He went on to study at Benghazi University, the Libyan Military Academy and the British Royal Signal Corps School. In 1965, he was commissioned as an officer in the Libyan Army.

Four years later, Qaddafi led the revolution that toppled the Libyan government. His fellow revolutionaries selected him to lead the country.

Qaddafi remained one of the leading radicals in the Arab world. He was a consistent supportor of terrorism, a posture which has brought Libya in direct confrontation with the US and much of the West. After 9/11 Qaddafi changed the direction of Libya, condeming terror, and agreeing to give up his nascent nuclear program. A Civil War developed in Libya in 2011. When Qaddafi threatened to massacre some of those revolting the west intervened. Qaddafi was captured by the rebels and killed.