Douglas MacArthur

1880- 1964

American General


Famed US military leader Douglas MacArthur was born in Little Rock Arkansas on January 26, 1880. He went on to be a West Point, graduating first in his class in 1903. He rose to the rank of General during World War I. MacArthur went on to become Army Chief of Staff.

In 1941, with the federalization of the Philippine Army, MacArthur became Commander of the US Army forces in the Far East.

MacArthur led the defense of the Philippines, until being ordered to withdraw to Australia. He went on to command US forces in the Southwest Pacific throughout the war. After the war MacArthur was placed in command of occupied Japan.MacArthur commanded US troops in Korea. His brilliant landing in Inchon snatched victory from defeat. However his unwillingness to take the Chinese threat seriously resulted in a disaster in the North. Truman ended his career when he dismissed him