BORN: 1826 in Erskine, SCOTLAND.
DIED: 1906 in Chicago, IL.
CAMPAIGNS: Fort Henry, Fort Donelson, Shiloh, Iuka, Corinth, Vicksburg, Nashville.
(Was brevetted Major General, but was not appointed Major General of volunteers.)
John McArthur was born in Erskine, Scotland, on November 17, 1826. He studied smithing and ironwork, immigrated to the United States in 1849. McArthur worked in Chicago as a boilermaker, then began the Excelsior Iron Works with his brother-in-law. In 1861, he was the sole owner of the company, and was active in the state militia's Highland Guard. In May of 1861, he became colonel of the 12th Illinois Infantry. He fought in engagements and battles in places including Fort Henry and Fort Donelson. Promoted to brigadier general on March 21, 1862; he took part in the Battle of Shiloh, in which he was wounded. As divisional commander, he led troops at Iuka, Corinth and in the Vicksburg Campaign and Siege. He was brevetted a major general for his service in the Battle of Nashville, and was assigned to the Army of the Gulf for the rest of the war. He left the military in August f 1865, and returned to his iron business. It did poorly, and McArthur's position as Chicago public works commissioner ended after the Chicago fire. He was postmaster of Chicago, but was found culpable for losing $73,000 of postal funds in a bank failure. After retiring, McArthur died Chicago, on May 15, 1906.