Williams, William

William Williams was born in Lebanon, Connecticut in 1731. He graduated from Harvard in 1751 and then studies for the ministry with his father. He later dropped plans to become a minister though, and went on to become a merchant instead.

Williams’ political career was state oriented. He was a speaker for the lower house of the colonial legislature from 1755 until 1776, and from 1784 until 1803, he was a member of the Governor’s Council. Williams was tremendously supportive of the Revolutionary cause. He wrote newspaper commentaries and prepared Revolutionary state papers for the Governor. Furthermore, he served as a colonel on the state militia between 1773 and 1776. He attended the Continental Congress at two different times (1776-1778 and 1783-1784), and helped with the framing of the Articles of Confederation.

William Williams died in 1811 at the age of eighty. He lies in Trumbull Cemetery, not far from his hometown.