Wayne, Anthony

Wayne, Anthony (1745-1796) General: Wayne received an incomplete education, and tried surveying before settling into a career as a tanner, following his father. By 1774, he had acquired the family business and had become an important local revolutionary leader. Although he was insensitive in family issues and clumsy at business, he was talented on the battle field. Although he was called "Mad Anthony" and was fearless in battle, he was also a gifted administrator, motivator, and commander. Wayne was embarrassed by the losses at Paoli's Massacre and concerned about the difficulties at Germantown, but was praised for his roles in the battles of Three Rivers, Brandywine, Monmouth, and Stony Point. Congress appointed him a major general in 1783. After the war, Wayne did not adjust well to civilian life, but was named commander of the new post-Continental Army forces. His legion was well-trained, and was able to defeat a united Native American front at the Battle of Fallen Timbers in 1794, which pacified the Old Northwest and boosted the new nation's military reputation.