George Walton

George Walton was born sometime in the 1740's not far from Farmville, Virginia. Both of his parents died when he was very young, and he was raised by an uncle who found him a position as an apprentice with a carpenter. Walton was eager to receive more of an academic education, however, and he managed to do quite a bit of reading on his own. He moved to Savannah, Georgia in 1769, and began to study law with a local lawyer in this same year. Walton also began his political career in 1769.

In July of 1775 Walton attended the second provincial congress and was chosen to be its secretary. In 1776, at the third provincial congress, Walton was chosen to be a delegate at the Continental Convention. He served there until 1781, concentrating on issues pertaining to national finance, Indian affairs, and western lands.

Later in life, Walton remained active in politics. He sat on the State Superior Court, was chosen as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention, and was a member of the U. S. Senate from 1795 until 1796. He died in his early sixties in 1804, and was laid to rest at the Signers' Monument in Augusta, Georgia.