Tarleton, Banastre

Tarleton, Sir Banastre (1754-1833) British Officer: Tarleton joined the British Army in 1775, volunteering for service in America. He served under Clinton and Howe, and rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel, commander of the British Legion, by 1779. He became famous for his leadership of the British cavalry in the 1780 Charles Town expedition and Cornwallis' light troops in the southern campaign. Described as a dashing gentleman who generally defeated his enemies, he was also known as an often ruthless killer who did not allow defeated opponents to surrender. Tarleton lost the Battle of Cowpens to Daniel Morgan in 1781, with more than 800 British troops killed, wounded, or captured. After remaining with Cornwallis during the Virginia campaign, Tarleton was paroled to England in 1782. He was promoted to the rank of general, and continued to serve in the British army, although he never held an important position in combat after the Revolutionary War.