Morgan, Daniel

Morgan, Daniel (1735-1802) Soldier, Frontiersman: Morgan grew up in a family of Welsh immigrant farmers, and moved to Virginia by 1753. After his commonlaw marriage to Abigail Curry, he became a respected land-owner, although he displayed a keen interest in drinking, gambling, and brawling. When the Revolutionary War broke out, Morgan previous military experience in the Seven Years' War and Lord Dunmore's War qualified him to become commander of a Virginia rifle company in the Continental Army. As such, he demonstrated great ability in guerilla warfare, and showed himself to be a devoted and able officer. Brave and determined during the unsuccessful invasion of Canada in 1775, Morgan was an excellent leader in the Saratoga campaign of 1777, helping his men demoralize and harass the enemy troops. Morgan's most famous victory was at the Battle of Cowpens in January 1781, at which his troops defeated Banastre Tarleton's Tory Legion. His military method in that battle is often cited as a classic example of the double envelopment. Soon after that battle, Morgan became ill and was forced to retire early, He became a strong Federalist and began his single term in the House of Representatives in 1797.