Marion, Francis

Marion, Francis (1732-1795) General: Marion was the grandson of Huguenot immigrants, and grew up in South Carolina. He became a wealthy farmer, although he dreamed of seafaring. During the Revolutionary War, Marion served in the state and federal forces, and was eventually appointed a colonel in the Continental Army and a brigadier general in the South Carolina militia. Until 1780, he spend his time training troops and performing garrison duty, but he finally saw action when the focus of the war moved to the Southern Department. He became known as "Swamp Fox" because of his mastery of guerilla strategy and his intimate knowledge of the terrain. In addition to winning numerous battle victories, Marion was remarkably willing and able to coordinate his state forces with the Continental Army's activities. Although his militia was small and often poorly supplied, Marion and his troops were ale to disrupt British supply lines, strike at enemy forces, and terrorize American loyalists. After the war, Marion got married, rebuilt his farm, and served in the South Carolina Senate.