Morris, Mary White (b. circa. 1748): Mary White married Robert Morris, signer of the Declaration of Independence,. in 1769. She was described as "elegant, accomplished, and rich, and well qualified to carry the felicity of connubial life to its highest perfection." Gouverneur Morris bequeathed to her interests in the Holland land company. She obtained from them a life annuity of $2,000 before she agreed to sign important papers for which her signature was crucial. After a string of unsuccessful investments, her husband went bankrupt for a large sum of money, and was put in prison for debt in 1798. While he was in prison, Mrs. Morris received a letter from President and Mrs. Washington, inviting her to stay with them in Mount Vernon, but she declined the offer. In 1801, her husband was released under the terms of the National Bankruptcy Law. Thanks to her foresight and financial savvy, the family was able to secure a home despite Mr. Morris' personal financial failures.