Goddard, Mary

Goddard, Mary Katherine (1738-1816) Printer: Goddard learned about printing from her parents in Rhode Island, then assisted her brother in producing the Pennsylvania Chronicle in the late 1760's. In 1774, she became the sole editor and publisher of the Maryland Journal. Goddard was appointed postmaster of Baltimore, one of few women to hold public office, and remained in office for 14 years. She is best known, however, for having printed the first copy of the Declaration of Independence that included the names of all the signers, in January 1777. She even paid the post riders to carry it throughout the rebellious colonies. Goddard was removed from her job as postmaster in 1789, under President George Washington. Samuel Osgood took over the position, claiming that the travel involved in the job would make it too strenuous and inappropriate for a woman. Nevertheless, Goddard continued to work as a printer and bookseller until her death in 1816.