Gérard de Rayneval, Conrad Alexandre

Gérard de Rayneval, Conrad Alexandre (d. 1790) Diplomat: Gérard was born in France, and served as one of the secretaries of Count de Vergennes, foreign minister under Louis XVI, and as such arranged and signed the treaty between France and the United States in 1778. He was the first French minister accredited to the United States, reaching Philadelphia early in July of 1778. He remained in the American colonies until September, 1779, when he was succeeded by the Chevalier de la Luzerne. In the discussions with Congress in 1779 with regard to the conclusion of a treaty of peace with Great Britain, and arranging the boundaries of the new republic, the Chevalier Gérard played an important part, enjoying the full confidence of Count de Vergennes. In 1779 he received the degree of LL. D. from Yale.