Cornwallis, Charles

Cornwallis, Charles [1st Marquis and 2nd Earl Cornwallis] (1738-1805) British General: Cornwallis fought with distinction in the Seven Year' War. Although he was politically somewhat opposed to Britain's policies toward her American colonies, he volunteered to fight against the Americans once the war began. He began as a major general, and served under General Howe and General Clinton. After the 1780 American surrender of Charles Town, South Carolina, General Clinton left Cornwallis in charge of British forces in the South. Cornwallis was never able to adapt to fighting against the guerilla techniques which the Continental Army troops learned from Native Americans. This eventually led him to the surrender at Yorktown. Cornwallis was the only senior British general who was not blamed for the loss of the American colonies. After the war, he had a distinguished career, and served as governor-general of British India, where he died.