Amherst, Jeffrey

Amherst, Jefferey [1st Baron Amherst] (1717-1797) Commander-in-Chief of British Army: Amherst led British forces to victory in the Seven Years' War. He captured the French base at Louisburg on Cape Breton in 1758, earning him the position of Commander-in-Chief of British forces in North America. Later, he attempted a cautious and successful conquest of Canada. Amherst resigned his command in 1763, and took a passive role in the American Revolution. He repeatedly refused to command troops against the colonists, and became Commander-in-Chief in Britain and a Cabinet minister only after the French entered the war in 1778. Although he remained in office until 1782, Amherst did not influence policy significantly, and was unable to convince colleagues to use a naval blockade as the primary means of ending the American rebellion. He then concentrated his efforts on the military administration needed to maintain Britain defense.