Major Events of 1932

Sports Hightlights

Stanley Cup: Toronto Maple Leafs vs. NY Rangers Series: 3-0
US Open (Golf): Gene Sarazen Score: 286 Course: Fresh Meadow CC Location: Flushing, NY
World Series: New York Yankees vs. Chicago Cubs Series: 4-0
1932 Olympic Games Champions

Nobel Prizes

LANGMUIR, IRVING, U.S.A., General Electric Co., Schenectady, NY, b. 1881, d. 1957: "for his discoveries and investigations in surface chemistry"

GALSWORTHY, JOHN, Great Britain, b. 1867, d. 1933: "for his distinguished art of narration which takes its highest form in The Forsyte Saga"

The prize money for 1932 was allocated to the Special Fund of this prize section.

Physiology or Medicine
The prize was awarded jointly to: SHERRINGTON, Sir CHARLES SCOTT, Great Britain, Oxford University, b. 1857, d. 1952; and ADRIAN, Lord (EDGAR DOUGLAS), Great Britain, Cambridge University, b. 1889, d. 1977: "for their discoveries regarding the functions of neurons"

HEISENBERG, WERNER, Germany, Leipzig University, b. 1901, d. 1976: "for the creation of quantum mechanics, the application of which has, inter alia, led to the discovery of the allotropic forms of hydrogen."

Pulitzer Prizes

Drama: George S. Kaufman, Morrie Ryskind and Ira Gershwin ... "Of Thee I Sing"
Fiction: Pearl S. Buck ... "The Good Earth"
History: John J. Pershing ... "My Experiences in World War"
Public Service: "Indianapolis News"

Top Movies of `32

1. Arrowsmith
2. Bring 'em Back Alive
3. Business and Pleasure
4. Delicious
5. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
6. Emma
7. Frankenstein
8. Grand Hotel
9. Hell Divers
10. The Man Who Played God

Academy Awards

Best Picture: "Cavalcade"
Best Director: Frank Lloyd ... "Cavalcade"
Best Actor: Charles Laughton ... "The Private Life of Henry VIII"
Best Actress: Katharine Hepburn ... "Morning Glory"