USS Essex Defeat the HMS Alert

On August 13, 1812, the USS "Essex", commanded by Captain Porter, defeated and captured the British vessel, the HMS “Alert”.

On August 13 the USS Essex commanded by Captain Porter encountered the British Sloop of war the Alert. The Essex clearly outgunned the Alert, but the Alert commanded by Captain Laugharne hoped to get a jump on the Essex by being disguised as a merchant ship. The Essex was not fooled and was ready for the Alert when it approached. Porter maneuvered the Essex to turn abruptly as the Alert made ready a volley, thus it volley landed feebly at sea, and the Essex made ready a broadside. Within eight minutes the Alert struck its colors and became the first British ship to be captured by the Americans in the war. On September 7th Porter and the Essex put in at Delaware Bay in the course of its voyage the Essex had captured eight merchant vessels, one warship and had captured 400 prisoners.