BECOME a first-hand spectator, as Amelia Earhart sets out on her historic flight.

WATCH the Hindenburg explode,

WITNESS Howard Hughes flys his Spruce Goose.

SEE American planes bomb Japan during World War II or watch a Japanese Kamakaze crash into a United States Aircraft Carrier.

By combining over 1000 high quality full-screen photos (many full color), more than 100 video clips, plane specifications and narration, MultiEducator's "History of Aviation" allows you to extensively explore the development of Aeronautics from its infancy until today. This unique multimedia program vividly chronicles the age of Aviation on your desktop.


The program's Chronology (Disk 1) is divided into four main sections:

THE PIONEER YEARS Covers all of the early Wright flights and flyers. Find out about the first flight across the English channel by Charles Dumont or the first flight across the US by Wiley Post.

GOLDEN AGE OF FLIGHT  Gives witness to pioneer aviators (such as Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart and Howard Hughes), setting one aviation record after another. Watch as the embryonic airline industry becomes a reality. See the first viable commercial airliners e.g. The Ford Trimotor and the DC-3.

WORLD WAR II Chronicles the first war in which aviation was decisive. Witness the attack on Pearl Harbor, or the Kamakaze attacks off Okinawa on the groundó whether with close air support on D-Day or in the skies over Germany and Japan.

THE MODERN ERA  Watch the transition of the Aviation Industry into the Jet Age. See the first jet fighter take to the air. View the DC-3, DC-4 and DC-6 get replaced by Boeing 707 and the DC-8. View the military transition to supersonic aircraft, such as the F-104. You can even watch the incredible SR-71 in flight.

Special sections cover the history of individual airlines and airports, as well as a directory of aviation museums that include information on their hours and collections.

DISK TWO is devoted to a complete alphabetical Index of the program's aircraft Aircraft A-Z. Special sections cover the aircraft of Word War I and II, The Pre-War years in the United States and overseas, Post-War US military aircraft, Post-War world military aircraft and world commercial planes.

The Sample Section From Our History of Aviation: PLANES of WORLD WAR II