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World Stage 1898-1920
1898- War with Spain
1899- Phillipine Rebellion
1899- Open Door Policy for China
1900- Boxer Rebellion
1901- McKinley Assassinated
1903- Henry Ford- First "Model A"
1903- Wright Brothers Take Flight
1903- Panama Canal Begins
1904- Roosevelt Corollary
1905- Russo-Japanese Peace
1906- San Francisco Earthquake
1907- Gentlemen's Agreement
1907- Great White Fleet Sails
1908- Conservative Commission
1909- Robert Peary Arrives at North Pole
1909- Dollar Diplomacy
1910- NAACP Founded
1911- Triangle Fire
1911- Standard Oil Broken Up
1912- Marines Intervene in Nicaragua
1912- Lodge Corollary
1913- Suffragettes March on Washington
1913- Senators Directly Elected
1913- Underwood Tariff
1913- Federal Reserve Act
1914- US Intervenes in Mexico
1914- Panama Canal Opens
1914- Clayton Anti-Trust Act
1914- World War I Breaks Out
1915- Lusitania Sinks
1916- Pershing Leads an Expedition Against Mexican Rebels
1916- Child Labor Law Passed
1916- US Troops Intervene in Dominican Republic
1917- US Enters WWI
1918- Us Intervenes in Russia
1918- Armistice Signed in Europe
1919- Versailles Agreement