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Europe 1400-1900
1410-Battle of Tannenburg
1415-English Forces Destroy French at Battle of Agincourt
1420-Treaty of Troyes
1423-Battle of Cravant
1424-France Invades Italy
1424-James I Freed-King of Scotland
1429-Joan of Arc Frees Orleans
1431-Joan of Arc Burned Alive
1435-Peace Treaty of Arras
1444-Battle of Varna
1453-Constantinople Falls to Forces of Muhammad II
1453-Battle of Castillon
1454-Treaty of Lodi
1455-War of the Roses Begun
1461-Battle of Towton Moors-War of Roses
1471-Battle of Tewkesbury
1472-Ivan III the Great
1475-Treaty of Picquinty
1477-Charles the Bald Killed
1479-Treaty of Alcacovas
1480-Treaty of Constantinople
1492-Moors Driven Out of Spain
1492-Jews Driven From Spain
1492-Columbus Sets Sail for New World
1493-Columbus Sets Sail for Second Voyage
1494-Treaty of Tordesillas
1497-John Cabot Discovers NewFoundland
1498-Vasco De Gama Lands in India
1498-Christopher Columbus Sets Sail for Third Voyage
1501-Louis XII Conquers Northern Italy
1504-Ferdinand of Aragon Conquers Naples
1513-Battle of the Spurs
1517-Martin Luther Nail Thesis to Church
1519-Ferdinand Magellan Sets Off Around the World
1522-Battle of Bicocca
1524-Peasant's Rebellion in Germany
1525-Battle of Pavia
1529-Treaty of Cambrai
1532-Ottomans Invade Hungary
1533-Peace Between Suleiman the Magnificent and Ferdinand I
1533-Henry VIII Marries Anne Boleyn
1534-England Breaks with the Church of Rome
1536-Anne Boleyn Beheaded
1536-John Calvin Publishes Institution Christian
1540-Thomas Cromwell Executed
1541-Henry VIII, King of England Becomes King of Ireland
1546-Peace of Ardres
1547-Ivan the Terrible Czar of all the Russians
1550-The Peace of Boulogne
1552-Treaty of Passau
1554-Thomas Wyatt Leads A Rebellion
1555-Jews Restricted to Ghettos in Italy
1557-Battle of Saint Quentin
1558-Elizabethan Age Begins
1559-Treaty of Cateau-Cambresis
1560-Treaty of Edinburgh
1562-1563-First French War of Religion
1567-Henry Stewart Killed
1567-1570-Second & Third French Wars
1568-1648-Eighty Years War
1569-Northern Rebellion
1571-Battle of Lepanto
1572-Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre
1576-Treaty of Ghent
1577-Sixth War of Religion
1581-Tartar Khanate of Siberia-Russian
1581-Battle of Pskov
1584-Russian Czar Ivan the Terrible
1585-1895-Eighth War of Religion
1587-Drake Attacks Spanish Court of Cadiz
1588-Spanish Armada
1595-Battle of Fontaine-Francaise
1598-Revolt Against the English
1598-Edict of Nantes
1600-Battle of Nieuwpoort
1605-Gunpowder Plot
1604-1613-Time of Troubles
1611-1613-Kalamar War
1613-Michael Romanov Founds Russian Romanov Dynasty
1617-Peace of Stolbova
1618-Thirty Years War Begins
1620-Battle of White Mountain
1621-Battle of Khotin
1626-Battle of Dessau
1628-Petition of Rights
1631-Battle of Breitenfeld
1632-Battle of Lutzen
1634-Peace of Prague
1640-Triennal Act
1642-1648-English Civil War
1648-Treaty of Westphalia
1649-Oliver Cromwell Army in Ireland
1651-Charles II is Defeated and Flees France
1652-1654-The First Anglo-Dutch War
1655-1660-The First Northern War
1658-Bogdan Khmelntiski Killed 100,000 Jews in Ukraine
1659-Peace of Pyrenees
1660-Peace of Breda
1660-Treaty of Copenhagen
1664-Second Anglo-Dutch War
1667-Peace of Andrusova Ends Thirteen Year War
1678-Treaty of Nimwegen
1679-Habeaus Corpus Act Passed
1683-Turkish Seige of Vienna
1685-Edict of Nantes Revoked
1687-Second Battle of Mohacs
1688-The Glorious Revolution in England
1689-1697-War of the Grand Alliance
1690-Battle of Beachy Head
1690-Battle of Boyne River
1690-John Locke Publishes Two Treatsies of Government
1692-Battle of La Hogue
1697-Battle of Zenta
1697-Treaty of Rijswijk
1697-Russian Czar Visits Western Europe
1700-Great Northern War
1701-1713-War of the Spanish Succession
1704-Battle of Benheim
1706-French Suffer Defeats on the Battlefield
1706-The Act of Union
1709-Battle of Poltava
1712-Treaty of Aargau
1713-Peace of Utrecht
1716-Battle of Peterwardein
1718-Treaty of Passarowitz
1720-Treaty of the Hague
1721-Treaty of Nystadt
1724-Treaty of Constantinople
1725-Peter the Great Dies
1733-1738-War of Polish Succession
1739-War of Jenkins Ear
1740-The First Silesian War
1740-1748-The War of Austrian Succession
1743-Treaty of Abo
1748-Treaty of Aix-la Chapelle
1756-The Seven Years War
1759-Battle of Kunerdorf
1759-Battle of Quiberon Bay
1762-Treaty of St. Petersburg
1763-Treaty of Paris
1772-First Partition of Poland
1774-Treaty of Kuchuk Kainarji
1778-France Signs Treaty of Alliance with US
1778-1779-The War of Bavarian Succession
1782-Russian Arny Invades Crimea
1783-Treaty of Paris
1789-French Revolution
1790-Jews Granted Equality
1791-National Assembly Establishes Constitutional Monarchy
1792-France Declares War on Austria
1792-Russia Invades Poland
1792-French National Convention
1793-Louis XVI Guillotined
1793-Second Partition of Poland
1793-1794-Reign of Terror
1794-Uprising in Poland
1795-Treaty of Basel
1796-Battle of Arcole
1797-Treaty of Campo Formio
1798-1802-War of the Second Coalition
1799-Napoleon Overthrows the Directory
1800-Act of Union
1800-Battle of Marengo
1802-Treaty of Amiens
1803-1905-War of the Third Coalition
1804-Serb Uprising
1805-Battle of Trafalgar
1805-Peace of Pressburg
1806-Napoleon Occupies Berlin-Defeats Prussians
1807-Treaty of Tilsit
1807-Invasion of Portugal
1808-Battle of Vimeiro-Pennisular War
1809-Napoleon Occupies Vienna
1809-Peace of Schonbrunn
1812-Treaty of Bucharest
1812-Battle of Borodino-Napoleon Enters Moscow
1812-Napoleon Retreats from Moscow
1813-Battle of Vitoria
1813-Battle of the Nations
1814-Napoleon Abdicates
1814-Congress of Vienna
1815-German Confederation Established
1815-Battle of Waterloo
1815-Second Treaty of Paris
1820-Revolts in Spain and Portugal
1821-Greek War of Independence
1823-French Forces Restore Ferdinand VII King of Spain
1825-Decembrist Uprising
1826-Battle of Navarino
1829-Treaty of Adrianople
1830-The July Revolution
1830-Belgium Adopts a Constitution
1832-First Reform Act Passed in Britain
1833-1839-The First Carlist War
1848-The Viennesse Revolution
1848-Revolution in France
1849-Hungarians Announce Independence
1854-1856-Crimean War
1855-Sevastopol Taken
1859-Italian War
1866-Seven Weeks War
1868-Revolution in Spain
1870-1871-Franco Prussian War
1870-Pope Stripped of all Power- Italy Unified
1871-Paris Commune
1871-Second Reich
1871-Second Carlist War
1876-Serbia Declares War on Ottoman Empire
1878-Treaty of San Stefano
1878-Congress of Berlin
1881-Alexander II Killed
1882-Triple Alliance
1890-Bismark Resigns