Asian History 1400-1900

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Asian History 1400-1900
1400-Kingdom of Malacca
1405-Mongol Empire Divided
1420-Chinese Capital- Peking
1431- Angor Sacked
1471-Kingdom of Annam
1498-Vasco de Gama Sails to India
1502-Vasco de Gama Founds Cochin
1509-Battle of Diu
1521-Magellan Dies in Phillippines
1526-Barbar Gains Control Over India
1526-First Battle of Panipat
1542-Portugese Traders Land in Japan
1556-Second Battle of Panipat
1557-Macao Established
1571-Manila Founded
1590-Japan Unified
1592-Japan Invades Korea
1595-Dutch East India Company Begins Trading in Asia
1597-Jesuits Crucified in Japan
1600-Battle of Sekigahara
1605-Akbar, Ruler of India, Dies
1606-Dutch Land in Australia
1614-Christians Ordered Out of Japan
1627-Manchus Invade Korea
1638-Uprising in Japan
1642-New Zealand Discovered by Dutch
1690-British Establish Fort at Calcutta
1720-Chinese Assault on Tibet
1739-Battle of Karnal
1757-British Establish Sovereignty Over India
1764-Battle of Baxar
1770-James Cook Claims Australia for British
1779-James Cook Dies on his Third Voyage
1782-Rama I Rules Siam
1784-India Act
1795-Rama, King of Siam, Annexes Western Cambodia
1824-First Anglo-Burmese War
1838-1842-First Anglo-Afghan War
1839-Opium War
1842-British Massacred in Afghanistan
1846-First Sikh War
1849-Second Sikh War
1850-Taiping Rebellion
1852-Second Burma War
1854-Perry in Japan
1856-Arrow War
1857-Sepoy Mutiny
1860-1872-Second Maori War
1868-Meiji Restoration
1874-Japanese Invade Taiwan
1876-Japan Recognises Korean Independence From China
1883-Sino-Chinese War
1889-Japan Received First Written Constitution
1895-Sun Yat-sen Revolt
1895-First Sino-Japanese War
1898-Dewey Captures Phillippines